Imposter Syndrome

We come across beautiful creations every day, some being original ideas that have never been thought about before (mind blowing!), and some being regenerated ideas that offer solutions to new-age problems and niches. What we seldom talk about, is the thought processes, both good and bad, that go behind the people who constantly generate these tangible ideas for us on a daily basis. Art is subjective, and everybody consumes it differently. Some people simply fall in love with an artist’s work while some passively shudder at it in appreciation- but a good few creatives attach themselves to these outcomes. Oftentimes creatives go through this phase where they feel underwhelmed by their work, and tend to critically judge every creative piece of work they put out. Such a season usually consists of overwhelming amounts of doubt, work sloth; where you don’t feel like engaging in anything work related as well as overthinking every creative decision you make.There’s a name for it; it’s called imposter syndrome. It’s a nagging feeling that tells you that you are not good enough, and sooner or later, people are going to realize that you are a ‘fraud’- hence the term ‘imposter’. In this state, creatives continuously downvalue their worth and expertise, as they let this manifestation of social anxiety devour them to a downward spiral.

Unknownst to most people, imposter syndrome is not something that simply goes away, because fear is a natural instinct. Fear tells you to walk on the sidewalk so that you do not get knocked over on the road, to run when something feels off, it is meant to protect you. Nonetheless dear black creative, never let fear protect you against your wildest dreams and desires. Never let it keep you away from your destiny.  This does not just affect people in subjective careers as big names in the industries of music, art as well as politics  have been victims of this rife. Take charge of your thoughts, live mindfully and take time to spend in nature-(the phenomenon we unconsciously draw inspiration from) whenever you encounter these feelings.Snap out of being highly critical to your work with standards that are completely subjective, and remind yourself that you are worthy; of not just commentary and praise from your work, but also monetary compensation that your value commands! Because more often than not, we undervalue our work because we feel like it’s worth-less. But that’s a topic for another day!

By Sheila.

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