Get It Together, Man. So We Did. Meet the Team!

We came together for one mission, to empower creative people. Talk about creative people empowering creative people. That’s what we are all about. A collage of personalities and a kaleidoscope of experience, skills, and grit powering Afro-inspired creativity. 

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Bolingo Team

Christine Wanjiru

Community Manager

Okan Coskun

Head of Sales

Sheila Kariuki

Social Media Manager 

Marlone Mwaura

UI/UX Designer

Edgar Bongkishiy

Founder, CEO & CTO

Kennedy Mokua

Software Engineer

Remy Kamgain

Partner and Head of Events

Margaret Ruoroh

Sales Manager 

Linus Kinuthia

Business Developer 

Victor Ndekei 

Product Expert

Alex Githiora

UI/UX Designer