Harry Odunze’s Master Class Workshop

As an emerging self-taught photographer, Harry Odunze has been making waves in the Nigerian photography scene since 2018. He holds a degree in Human Kinetics and Sports Science from the University of Benin and has since channelled his passion for photography towards translating African culture and history into art. Recently, he held a master class workshop in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria, which was an excellent opportunity for emerging photographers to learn from talented artists and improve their skills.

A Harry Odunze Workshop.

A Valuable Opportunity for Emerging Photographers

Harry’s workshop covered creative lighting, shooting, high-end retouching, colour grading, fine art photography, and wedding photography. By offering a diverse range of topics, Harry ensured that participants got a well-rounded education in photography. Throughout the workshop, he was able to demonstrate his passion for art and African culture, which was a great source of inspiration for emerging photographers.

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for emerging photographers to network and learn from one another. Harry created a relaxed and fun atmosphere, which made it easy for participants to interact and learn from one another. In addition, Harry provided personalized feedback to each participant, helping them identify areas for improvement and build their skills.

Harry partnered up with Bush Digital and even supported two individuals to pay for the class, highlighting his commitment to supporting emerging artists. Bolingo is a company that provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work and make it accessible to the public. As a Bolingo artist, Harry’s limited edition prints are available for purchase on the Bolingo website.

Emerging photographers who attended the workshop were able to gain invaluable knowledge and experience. Many of them were able to apply what they had learned to their own photography projects, and some even credited the workshop with helping them land new clients. Harry’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and passion for photography with others was evident throughout the workshop, making it a truly inspiring experience.

If you’re an emerging photographer looking to improve your skills and gain valuable experience, attending a workshop or master class like Harry’s is an excellent way to do so. Bolingo’s commitment to showcasing talented artists and making art accessible to everyone also makes us an excellent platform to explore. Be sure to visit Bolingo’s website to see the latest collection and learn more about the artists they represent.

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