Arnold Lakita

“Art Enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”


Lakita created his first artwork when he was 7 years old while in the formative years of his schooling, for which he won a competition.

From the likes of Gor Sudan, Bankslave, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ash Thorp, Bosslogic, and many more than he can name, Arnold, draws inspiration for his artwork. Knowing the importance of inspiration to generate ideas, Lakita creates when he is at his happiest, eliciting his ingenuity from comic books, movies, books and nature.

Hailing from Africa, Kenya, Lakita comes from a culture replete with the richness of storytelling, which serves as the narrative substratum from which his characters and artwork evoke their backstory.

His creative process consists of sketching first, then “going with the flow”. Over the last five years, Arnold has gotten better at saying “NO”, a phrase that many of us need to learn more about using, indeed. He prefers to stay at home to draw or work, and enjoy the simpler things that come thereof.

Arnold believes that being too emotional has cost him most of his failures, thus, learning to deal with the torrent of emotions has enabled him to deal with the vicissitudes and pleasures of life in a stable way. But can we blame him? Being an artist is navigating the spectrum of emotions to deal with the kaleidoscope of realities that present themselves to their scrutiny. It is a sign of future success for him to be able to sail through the storm of his person.

Arnold believes that “don’t reinvent the wheel” is among the worst advice he has ever received.



When Word Become Unclear, I Shall Focus With Photographs, When Images Become Inadequate, I Shall Be Content With Silence